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Frequently asked questions
With the ever exhausting modern lifestyle, lots of stimuli draining our mental clarity and energy on top the pandemic environment; we are now facing a wellbeing crisis. People are lonelier than ever… Depression drug market reaches a record sales figure of 14 billion usd/year Around 4 million people die from obesity each year According to WHO, 1 out of every 5 people needs mental wellbeing support Suicide rates skyrocketed in the past few years And only you can help yourself! So introduce wellbeing practises into your life today. Adopt healthy habits! Live, work, eat and love mindfully! Life will taste better, trust us!
Studio Plus is the world's largest live & holistic wellbeing platform. We offer more than 700 live classes every month. Studio experience is not like just a live stream, it is a real & interactive live online meeting. We believe “human touch” is crucial for our well being and we feel better when we’re with a community; we learn better when we ask questions; we heal faster when we’re not alone. So you shall sign up with Studio Plus to discover “the healing power” of our community. Remember; wellbeing is a personal path, yet it’s best walked with a community!
What makes Studio Plus stand out from other wellbeing apps? People enjoy using Studio Plus because they get a freedom to be themselves by choosing classes of their own interest in many categories that we offer. An equally important reason is the human touch they get from live and interactive classes where subscribers can ask questions and discuss the topic together with an instructor. These factors all together help get a better and more sustainable result and make wellbeing a habit!
To become a Studio Pluser, you can download our app from Google Play or Apple Store as "Studio Plus" (You can also see the download links at the bottom of the page / footer section) After you’ve registered your account, you’ll receive a 7 days trial to test our platform for free.
No, you don’t need to pay for each class you want to attend. Our membership is subscription based. You buy a monthly subscription and get access to all of the classes in Studio Plus. We believe “Feeling good is a fundamental right” and we try to democratize wellbeing. Therefore it’ll only cost you around a lunch money to get full access to all Studio Plus classes.
Wellbeing is a personal journey. What feels good to one can be “not preferable” for another or what one needs can be unrelatable for another. That’s why we include many topics and different practices related to many different wellbeing genres within Studio Plus. You can find classes in such categories as Self Help and Coaching, Meditation, Fitness, Mindfulness, Breath Work, Yoga, Hobby, Psychology… etc
You may find all scheduled classes grouped into different sections (based on a pain point) on the main page of the app. You can also see from the main page, what’s live at that exact moment and hop into a class you like. You can also browse through all classes under the menu “Courses”. There you will find nearest classes and will be able to look through all scheduled classes in each category that we offer.
You can attend any live class within Studio Plus without a reservation. If you want to foreplan your time and schedule some classes: - Browse around the classes and categories, - When you find a class that you want to attend, press “Reserve now”. - For your reserved classes you will get notifications 30 and 4 minutes prior to each class, also you will get a notification the moment you can join a class.
Yes, you can send a request to our team and we will provide you with information for private classes. How to do that? Easy: Just go to the profile of the Instructor that you’d like to work with and hit “request a private class” button. Please note, private classes are not included in our subscription and the price of each private class will vary from one instructor to another.
All of our classes are live and interactive, therefore we don’t have any pre-records or post-records.
We love to expand our wellbeing community. If you are a qualified instructor in your field and want to become a Studio Pluser, please contact us and and our community managers will contact you with all the details.

Get access to 700+ classes with one week free trial.

<p>Get access to 700+ classes with <strong>one week free trial.</strong></p>