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Başak Temel
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She graduated from Sociology Department of Middle East Technical University in 1999. Following her graduation, she carried out strategic planning, business development and project ...
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She graduated from Sociology Department of Middle East Technical University in 1999. Following her graduation, she carried out strategic planning, business development and project management till 2009 in STM Co., one of the leading firms in defense-consultancy sector. In the same period, she worked as a moderator in sectorial activities and began to provide institutional trainings. In 2009, she started to provide consultancy and services to national and international trademarks and public enterprises in the fields of new media, software and communication within the body of İKON, of which she was one of the partners. She provided services to many trademarks and public enterprises such as Henkel, Peugeot, TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Association), Astra Zeneca, Hürriyet Newspaper, TURKCELL, Tekin Acar Cosmetics, Collezione, Aras Cargo, Heart and Health Foundation of Turkey, İstanbul and Ankara Shopping Fest and the like. She took charge in EU and World Bank Projects and carried on institutional trainings simultaneously. Her broadcasting career has started in 2010 with an offer made by TRT. Till today, she presented more than 500 TV programs in TRT, in Social Screen Web TV, of which she was the founder and in ETV, which is the greatest corporate job TV in Turkey. She worked as the content consultant and made productions. She is still continuing to work as a moderator and mc in national and international congresses. Başak TEMEL, who received trainings of regression hypnotherapy, autohypnosis, emotional freedom technique, provocative energy technique, reiki, yoga, breathe techniques, Mindfulness and meditation in the last 15 years, is still providing individual development sessions and group studies in these fields. She is giving trainings in institutions under the categories of competence and development (time management, stress management, communication techniques, body language, awareness, reputation management, decision making, motivation and etc.). Temel, who is especially interested in ”performance and change” in coaching, completed AC and ICF Accredited “Life and Education Coaching”, “Trainers’ Training”, Emotional Freedom Technique, ICF certified “NLP techniques for Coaches” programs. She is still carrying out professional online and face-to-face coaching sessions. Başak Temel has provided seminars to more than 100.000 students, entrepreneurs and professionals in universities and institutions till today. She organized more than 40 workshops, development-change camps and business network development activities for managers and entrepreneurs (business networking). She also prepared many social responsibility projects and supported many such projects actively. She held 3 personal painting exhibitions, performed in the theatre play named “Ve Kadın (And Woman)”. She took charge in activities regarding the promotion of Turkey organized by Turkish Promotion Foundation (TÜTAV) in the countries such as USA, England, France, Malta, and Singapore. Başak Temel, who was a registered volleyball player and was ice-skating when she was a student, got on the stage with ice dancing, Latin dances, dance theatre and folk dancing groups for hundreds of times. Dancing and sports are still parts of her life. Başak TEMEL, who likes to live, to develop and make people develop very much, is the mother of twin children Selin and Arda.
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Cok teşekkürler ilk açıldığından beri takip ettiğim canım Başak hocam sevgiler
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