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Tuğçe Özgelen
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A mandala artist. I graduated from Ege University, Economics in English and have a master's degree (MSc) from Istanbul University, Department of Marketing. For nearly 10 years, I w...
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A mandala artist. I graduated from Ege University, Economics in English and have a master's degree (MSc) from Istanbul University, Department of Marketing. For nearly 10 years, I worked as a product manager in the marketing, product management and supply chain departments of various corporate companies. I decided to advance my career in the field of art with the Mandala art, which entered my life in the last period of my professional career. After I graduated from a private Art Academy by getting Mandala technical training , I organized several workshops for children and adults to introduce this art in Turkey. In November 2019, I and another 19 female artists organized the first mandala exhibition in Turkey in Kafka Okur which is a wellknown gallery in Galata district of Istanbul.The exhibition was successful with high attendance for the duration of a month. After our exhibition, apart from my ongoing workshops, I started to offer Mandala technical education to art lovers by creating its curriculum to inspire others the same way I was inspired by other artists. I created an art form called as "Zendala" which is a blend of Mandala and Zentangle arts for my different styles of mandalas and branded it with the same name. Zendala ™ is a concept home decoration & gift brand created by the blending of these two arts. In the ongoing process, I moved to London to promote my art abroad and established my company called Zendala Art and Event Marketing. Zendala ™ ️, where online / one-on-one Zendala trainings and workshops are held and mandala & zendala artworks are presented to art lovers, continues to operate in London and Istanbul. Since 2015, I have worked as a licensed Zumba fitness instructor in Istanbul. I worked as a licensed Zumba instructor in well known gym chains Macfit and B-fit branches and other local good ones in Turkey. I have Zumba Basic 1,Basic 2 and Zumba Gold licences and certificates.Besides Zumba kids classes for children and group classes in gyms, I have also been in important Zumba events and performed on the stage in masterclasses held at the dance festivals several times in Turkey. Then I decided to keep enhancing my skills in a different country for my future career which would fullfill my dance passion and I moved to London in 2019. I have been living in Wimbledon for 1.5 years. I have been working for various community houses and voluntary associations like NLCH,Day-Mer,Bozca-der,KMEWO , IAKM and working for Virgin Active gym chain.Besides I periodically have my own online classes for students who want to attend from all over the world. And I have been providing hip-hop R&B reggaeton classes twice a week for a charity. Additionally, I have been working in one time corporate events like company team building activities ,university student club organisations and voluntary association organisations as well. Looking forward to meet you in my zumba classes. In addition to my mandala journey, I got 200 hours yoga training in 2020, where I was entitled to provide mindfulness and movement, breathing and meditation training. After practicing for a long time about yoga and face yoga, which I got to know through yoga training, I wanted to introduce these useful exercises to all my students. As an instructor with face yoga and its practices teacher training course, which I completed in February 2022, I have been continuing to teach English and Turkish face yoga and exercises classes at Studio Plus for a few months with high attendance.

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