Privacy Policy

  1. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to determine and set forth the terms and conditions regarding the use of the information and data that is disclosed to the Company by the real person or legal entity (the “User”), who uses Studio mobile application (the “Application”) or the website (the “Website”) at the URL address of
  2. This Privacy Policy is an appendix to and an integral part of the User Agreement, which has been executed with the User, and shall come into force when the User downloads the Application to its respective mobile device and/or starts to use the Website. The Company shall be entitled to amend the terms set forth herein at any time at its discretion on the condition that any such amendment should be published on the Application and the Website.
  3. The User agrees, when downloading the Application and/or using the Website, to share with the Company the data provided by the User through the course of its membership process (the “Personal Data”) and such data and information as the type/operating system/version of the device used by it, the links visited on the Website, the version/type of its browser and/or its browsing and usage behaviors within the Website, its IP information, the errors received within the application, the durations of use of the application and geographical locations (the data that are collected automatically by the Application).
  4. The User hereby agrees that, without the need for any further consent or approval, the Company shall process the said data in accordance with the “Personal Data Protection Information Text” which is annexed to the Agreement as APPENDIX-2.
  5. The data and information of the User shall be retained in the database of the Company for a period of 3 (three) years following the User’s deletion of the Application or termination of its membership.
  6. The Company may request access to such data of the User that are held on such mobile or wearable technology platforms such as Apple Health, Apple Health Kit, Google Fit etc. The purpose of such accession is to add the minutes listened/used by the User within the Application to such platforms.
  7. The Users agree that the Company may also obtain information and data about the Users through its relations with third parties (e.g. suppliers, providers and business partners, contracted technical, payment and distribution service providers, advertisement networks, analysis service providers, search information providers, credit reference agencies etc.) (the “Data Obtained from Other Sources”).
  8. The User hereby grants its consent for sharing by the Company of the User’s information with third parties for the purposes that are specified in this Agreement / Privacy Policy. In addition, the User hereby grants its approval for the use of its data also in the following cases and for the following purposes:
  • In the cases, where the Company needs to hire a third party service provider in order to provide or deliver its services;
  • Legal obligations or obligations that arise out of the applicable legislations, security needs;
  • Transfer/sales of business – protection of the rights and properties of the Company as well as the rights and the properties of third parties.
  1. The Remarketing & Demographics and Interests Reports features of Google Analytics may be used within the contents of the Application or the Website. The contents, to which the User accesses, may be excluded from the scope of Google Analytics in respect of Video Advertising by way of the use of Google Ads settings and the Google Video Ad Network ads may be personalized. The demographic data procured through Google Analytics are used for the personalization of the ads published through the Website or the Application with respect to the interests of the Users. Such data may be shared, along with the data and information of the other Users with the advertisers through the course of target audience determination activities. The said data do not contain personal data (first name, last name, Republic of Turkey ID number, gender, age etc.), and may be used to carry out studies and activities on the tendencies of the groups of Users and the determination of target audiences. By agreeing to this User Agreement, the User grants its consent to the sharing of anonymous data with the advertisers for advertisement and promotion purposes. The ads of the Website and the Application shall be displayed by third party providers, including Google, on the banners placed on the publisher websites on the internet. The first party cookies are used along with the third-party cookies by the Website and the third-party providers including Google, in order to gather information, optimize and publish the ads based on the past visits made by the visitors to the Website and the Application.


As MİNDFULNESS ALLİANCE EĞİTİM VE DANIŞMANLIK ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (hereinafter referred to as “MINDFULNESS ALLIANCE” or the “Company”), we would like to inform you about the processing of your personal data. In this information text, you can find information about the method, purpose and legal reasons for the processing and transfer of your personal data and the rights you have.

Your personal data are processed by MINDFULNESS ALLIANCE as a data controller within the scope of constitutional guarantees, international agreements, Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) and the personal data protection policies of MINDFULLNESS ALLIANCE.